One year after the WHO officially declared the pandemic and adaptation to a reality that few imagined began, a new industry was born in the marketing sector; events and communication sector: Liveness.

Liveness is a new industry that develops all those moments of direct connection between people through technology that allow them to live experiences of a 100% physical event, without necessarily sharing the same space.

When we talk about a connection via Streaming, a webinar, a hybrid event or even a presentation through ClubHouse or Twitch, we talk about Liveness as long as one essential condition is met: that the people who participate in the event can live an experience characterized as a physical event.

From the hand of Newlink Spain, together with Fluge Audiovisuales as its audiovisual provider, Liveness is born from the evolution of the sector itself, offering a multitude of options for brands, from making purchases live, to a conversation with the participants in which they decide what will happen.

We are facing a world of infinite possibilities that provides great flexibility, incorporates new codes of communication, innumerable creative paths and various ways of connecting.

Liveness brings with it new professional profiles that add their know how in different specialties, such as: digital facilitator, digital event manager or virtual content creators.

In short, we can say that Liveness is here to stay.