On March 4, Fluge Audiovisuales had the pleasure of receiving a representation of LNEV (La Noche en Vivo) at its facilities in Arganda del Rey. The visit was led by its president, Javier Olmedo, and its General Coordinator, Elena Mozo.

The LNEV representation accepted Fluge Audiovisuales’ invitation after many years of combined endeavor. They were received by Luis Berlanga (CEO), Jorge Aranda (Coordinator of the Silikona Hall), Adrián Jiménez (Fluge Production Director), José Luis Ochavo (Fluge Administration Department) and Arturo Bengoa (Fluge Commercial Touring Department).

Taking advantage of the visit, after visiting Fluge’s offices, warehouses, rehearsal rooms and sets, they were able to exchange impressions of the current situation of live music, talk about the future of the industry and the role to be played by both LNEV and Fluge.