The long-awaited premiere of ‘Los Rabanes, The Musical’ at the Pacific Theater in Panama City left an indelible mark on the audience that packed the venue. The night of July 27 marked the debut of this exciting work, written and directed by the talented Benjamín Cohen, which pays tribute to the successful career of the iconic Panamanian band Los Rabanes and which was programmed for a full month.

The Pacific Theater was illuminated during the month of August with the contagious energy of the hits of Los Rabanes, masterfully performed by a cast of more than 40 artists on stage. The audience was immersed in a musical and emotional journey through the life of the band’s leader, Emilio Regueira, from his adolescence to reaching stardom. The production, directed by Diana Abouganem, has managed to capture the essence of the band and its legacy, presenting a show full of passion and authenticity.

The musical offered music and theater lovers the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience until August 31, It was a limited period to immerse themselves in the history and legacy of Los Rabanes. The band’s history, its musical fusion and its ability to mix genres resonated on stage, addressing themes such as love, sex, death and social criticism present in its songs. The response from the public was a success, with the Pacific Theater packed for each performance and a strong presence on social networks that reflected the excitement of the attendees.

Fluge Audiovisuales Centroamérica, as exclusive supplier to Teatro Pacific, was in charge of supplying the audiovisual material for the musical. Among the equipment supplied, it is worth highlighting 28m2 of LED screen, 2 20,000 lumen projectors, 32 moving heads, 4 motors (2 of them 4 tons) and 22 headset microphones. Throughout the work, we played with the contents of the screen and the mapping contents that were carried out on the stage, even projecting onto mobile scenery.