Soy Luna, one of the most acclaimed series by the young audience of Disney Channel of Latin America, tells the life of a teenager who moves from Mexico to Argentina and how  she gradually manages to adapt to this new country.

After the success achieved, the series decided to go a step further and celebrate the Soy Luna Live tour, a tour that all European fans may enjoy. From January 5th, the stars of the series continue touring different cities of the European Continent, where they will end the tour having performed  50 acts until next April 9th, .

In Spain, the show went through the cities of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Malaga and Seville from January 5th to 18th. Further on, Soy Luna Live continued its show through Lisbon in Portugal; Turin, Rome, Naples, Florence, Milan, Padua and Bologna in Italy; Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nice, Marseille, Paris, Lille, Nantes and Montpellier in France, Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland and Hamburg and Mannheim in Germany. Soon they will tour Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Oberhausen and Frankfurt in Germany; Vienna and Leipzig in Austria and finally, Brussels, where the tour ends on April 9th.

Sold Out, company responsible for the production of this tour, chose Fluge Audiovisuales to be responsible for the supply of lighting, sound and video equipment, as well as the rehearsals that preceded this tour from December 18th to 30th on the Louladi set  of Fluge Audiovisuales in Arganda del Rey.

Among the equipment supplied  was a 6,25mm of 7m x 4m led screen, one of 7.5m x 2m, two of 5m x 3m and eight screens of 2.5m x 1.5m stand out for video. There were also two Barco Folsom Image Pro II systems.

As far as sound is concerned, it is worth mentioning the 24 Meyer Sound Leo and 18 Meyer Sound 1100-LFC for the P.A. system; 8 Meyer Sound Lyon W for the Downfill; 8 Meyer Sound UPA-1P for the Frontfill; 18 Meyer Sound Lyon M for the Outfill; and 12 Meyer Sound Melodie and 4 Meyer Sound 500-HP for the Sidefill. All controlled by a Digico SD10.

In the human section, the tour counts on the reputation and experience of Juanjo Beloqui as lighting designer, Alberto Liras as public sound operator, Marc Llopis as monitor operator and Iván Fúnez as video operator.


Soy Luna Live

Soy Luna