Fluge Audiovisuales has its sets and VIP Zone fully operational after the previous works carried out to host multiple types of events and shows under strict conditions and safety standards, such as film and television recordings, video clips or online and hybrid events. To present its facilities and its new technologies, Fluge Audiovisuales invited Mahou San Miguel, of which it is a nationally approved audiovisual provider, to aquaint the team to its new possibilities.

The Mahou San Miguel delegation, headed by Eduardo Petrossi (Managing Director of Mahou San Miguel and Vice President of the Mahou San Miguel Foundation), together with José Miguel Buendía Cambronero (Trade Marketing Executive), were able to see first-hand the security protocol implemented and the measures adopted to prevent COVID-19, in addition to its smart access control. The visit began in Rivas Vaciamadrid, where the guests visited the facilities of Trade Formación, the technical school of the show, and the offices and video stores of Fluge Audiovisuales. Once this first part of the visit was over, the members of the delegation and team Fluge Audiovisuales moved to the facilities of Arganda del Rey. There, in its VIP Zone and on its two sets, Louladi and Azúl, of 1,100 m2 and 800 m2 respectively,  they participated in the augmented reality and mixed reality tests that were taking place, among other activities concerning the new technologies that Fluge offers its clients in online and hybrid events.

Fluge Audiovisuales would like to thank Mahou San Miguel for visiting and is pleased to continue working harmoniously to offer the best audiovisual service to its many projects and events carried out throughout the Spain.