Mahou, the brewing company, unified  music and botany in a peculiar concert on March 21st  in Madrid. “Margarita se Llama mi Amor” a Madrid flower shop hosted this event with which the company unveiled its variant “Barrica”, a type of beer characterized by its aging process and peculiar aroma.

The concert featured Canario Bejo’s act, who displayed his personal style to the audience. He is a multifaceted artist since he also explores plastic and audiovisual arts and cultivates an unusual rap with a sound that is far from the most usual coordinates within the genre. The appointment concluded with the intervention of a DJ who sounded the final note to the beer tasting.

Fluge Audiovisuales, as the national exclusive audiovisual provider of Mahou-San Miguel, provided the sound and lighting equipment for the concert, which was organized by Urvanity.