Maico, the Mallorcan band, presented the 27th of June their song ‘How We Dream’ written by BBVA to renew their sound identity. With this new image, BBVA wanted to represent the institution’s values. The theme aims to become the soundtrack of opportunities.

Maico, formed by five boys whose passion, work and commitment to fulfill their dream has served for the financial institution to see them as the reflection of their song, have been chosen to interpret it.

Abrumarte Producciones counted on Fluge Audiovisuales to supply audiovisual equipment of the BBVA event.

In lighting, the equipment used consisted of 8 Robe Pointe 300w Zoom, 6 Robe Patt 2013 and 6 Clay Paky A.Leda. For the control 1 Grand MA2 Command Wing and 1 Grand MA2 Fader Wing were used.

The sound supplied for the P.A. system 2 Meyer Sound MG-M’elodie, 12 Meyer Sound Melody, 4 Meyer Sound 500-HP and 6 Meyer Sound UPA-1P. For the frontfill, 8 Meyer Sound UPM-1P were used. For FOH control, 1 Yamaha QL5 was provided. As monitors, 8 Meyer Sound UM-1P were used and for its control, 1 Yamaha QL1.