At the age of 90, the composer born in Jerez, Manuel Alejandro performed a unique concert last Saturday, April 2, at the Teatro Real in Madrid for the first time in his career. Given the enthusiasm of the audience, the musician was supported at all times by his family and by the multitude of artists present: David Bisbal, Pastora Soler, José Mercé, Miguel Poveda, Víctor Manuel, Rocío Carrasco, Mariola Cantarero and La Bien Querida , among many others.

With more than six decades accompanying top-level artists on the piano and having been the planner of numerous of the incredible triumphs of the Spanish-language melody of the 20th century, Manuel Alejandro gave a concert putting voice and piano to his famous songs under the title “Te voy a contar mi vida”. On stage, he delighted with a repertoire of intergenerational hymns such as ‘Soy rebelde’, ‘Se nos rompió el amor’ or ‘Yo soy aquél’.

Thanks to 16 Escalones Producciones’ confidence, producer of the concert, Fluge Audiovisuales provided the sound equipment for the evening. Among the material supplied, it is worth starring a P.A., downfill, frontfill and centerfill system made up of L’Acoustic speakers. For FOH control and monitors, two DIGICO SD9 tables were available. Finally, wireless microphones and R.F. monitors were used, from the Shure brand.