The open-air space “Abre Madrid”, located in Ifema, which opened its doors at the beginning of the month, has been hosting the Puri Beach party since July 17th and until September 5th. The Madrid venue has decided to transfer its nightly proposal every summer weekend to the second stage set up in “Abre Madrid”, which joins the one inaugurated by Los Secretos on July 7th.

With a capacity of 800 people, complying with the safety distances, the first days of “Puri Beach” have been a complete success of attendance, selling out their tickets, and the following dates are on the way to do so.

“Puri Beach” was born under the production of Iñaki Fernández, CEO of Letsgo production company, and relies on Fluge Audiovisuales to execute the installation of the stage and the supply of sound, lighting and video equipment. Furthermore, thanks Letsgo and Productores de Sonrisas, in charge of the “Abre Madrid” project, Fluge Audiovisuales also supplies the first stage that inaugurated the space.