The Muy Bendito nightclub, inaugurated just five weeks ago, joins the list of nightclubs run by the Lalala Group. With 600m2 and located on Calle Juan Bravo in Madrid, the room aims to be a benchmark in Madrid’s nightlife.

The nightclub houses different rooms and cutting-edge technology with music robots and the DJ booth as the protagonist. It´s a perfect balance between luxury and ease, providing a high perception of the experience without falling into exclusivity.

Thus, the Lalala restaurant group, whose growth has been unstoppable in the capital since its creation three years ago, has a new location in Madrid where it already has breweries, restaurants and nightclubs.

The Lalala Group entrusted Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales to carry out the installation of the audiovisual equipment in the room, which had MRGO Arquitectos and Álvaro Onieva, director of the studio, as project designers. The sound of the room has been designed by Jorge Ruiz (Fluge Audiovisuales) and the spectacular lighting and video design by Enrique Jiménez (Fluge Audiovisuales). The sound equipment is made of KV2 Audio material, controlled by Yamaha consoles. On the other hand, among the lighting and video equipment, it is worth highlighting 123 VersaTube LED and 20 indoor LED screen modules.