On April 7th, Natos & Waor, the rap group, performed at the Palacio de Vistalegre in Madrid. The Madrid duo sold out their tickets to the presentation of ¨Cicatrices¨, their new album. Their experience in the music sector was captured in their performance and it demonstrated why they have become the greatest phenomenon in Spanish hip hop. The audience was able to savor a spectacular show that featured Dj Saik.

Fluge Audiovisuales supplied the sound, lighting and video equipment of the event thanks to the entrustment of Taste the Floor.

Following, we list the most outstanding equipment of the concert.


System P.A .:
• 24 Adamson E-15 Box line array
• 2 Adamson E-15 Dolby Amplification Rack
• 2 Adamson E-15 Amplification Rack
• 12 Adamson E-219 Subwoofer

• 16 Adamson S-10 Box line array

• 4 Adamson Point12

• 16 Adamson E-12
• 16 Adamson S-10

F.O.H control:
• 1 Avid Venue SC48

Lighting equipment:
• 18 Robe MegaPointe
• 18 Robe Spiider Led Wash
• 12 Robin BMFL Spot
• 10 Clay Paky
• 12 Martin Atomic

Projectors and screens:
• 2 DA-Lite protection screens
• 2 Panasonic Laser Projectors