After the success of his first season, Elite returns to the Spanish teen-themed series produced by Netflix. The preview of its new season held on August 29th at the Callao Cinemas in Madrid, featured its protagonists and creators who paraded through the red carpet for the press and the crowd of followers who gathered surrounding the cinema.

The premiere of the second season, which opens this September 6th, had different spaces equipped for the meeting. An exterior and  interior photocall, one located at the doors of the building, the other with an alternative background design and a Meet & Greet, where some fans had the opportunity to meet the cast of the series.

By appreciated entrustment of Marco de Comunicación, producer of the event, Fluge Audiovisuales provided the lighting equipment of both photocall and Meet & Greet, as well as the sound equipment for the latter. It also provided the video equipment for the production that was screened on the exterior LED screen of the cinema and the audiovisual technical personnel of all the mentioned areas.