On the weekend of September 17th and 18th, around 350 people enjoyed the result of a new technical and audiovisual challenge developed at the Uclés Monastery in the province of Cuenca. On this occasion, the objective was to convert a social event into a cultural act, also revaluing the space in which it intervenes.

The key to perfecting the experience turned out to be in the basis of the concept: Renaissance first and Baroque later. Taking into account the values ​​of illusion, admiration and fascination through theatrical scenery, the laws of optics, Renaissance perspective and the enchantment caused by the art of a new natura artificialis were used.

Due to a first-class audiovisual montage, the guests were immersed in heady space of three-dimensional unreality, a dream world, a space of representation and an invented universe, or what is known as the metaverse.

Once again, thanks to LaLAB team’s confidence, creator, designer and producer of the event, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the lighting, sound and video equipment for this new technical challenge. Among the outstanding equipment is an 8 x 3 meter LED screen.