On March 14, the Recinto Ferial de Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosted on its stage a dazzling and emotion-filled night of the new edition of the Dial Tenerife Awards. With a lineup of renowned presenters such as Blas Cantó and Edurne, the gala offered a host of musical performances with the biggest stars of the Spanish music scene, making it an unforgettable event.

Viewers, both in the venue in person and via live streaming on Cadena Dial’s main website, Divinity and the official YouTube channel, witnessed a series of extraordinary performances, such as the one given by David Bisbal, who kicked off the night.

Among the most exciting moments were the presentation of special awards to emblematic figures of Spanish-language music. Luis Fonsi was honored for his 25-year career, while Pastora Soler received recognition for her 30-year career. These special awards underscored the lasting contribution of these artists to the Spanish-language music scene. The diversity of talent was also evident in the surprise collaborations, such as Malú and Luis Fonsi’s joint performance of “Ahora tú”. In addition, performances by Estopa, Dani Fernández, Prince Royce, Beret and India Martínez kept the audience captivated throughout the night.

Thanks to the confidence of Planet Events, producer of the show, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the F.O.H. sound control, monitors and Broadcast control, the R.F. equipment and conventional lighting for the green carpet.