With constant and imaginative previous work, Fluge Audiovisuales, Disorder Events and DJ Nano made it possible once again for the Oro Viejo electronic party to be held at Christmas parties, as is tradition. A spectacular stage was installed at the Louladi Plato in Arganda del Rey from where thousands of fans could follow this new edition of “Oro Viejo by DJ Nano – Las campanadas de la esperanza” on stream.

Visitors could enjoy a very special night full of surprises from an exclusive microsite. The event began a few minutes before midnight with a series of interviews with those involved in this new edition and the complexity and effort of putting on a show of these characteristics was addressed. It then connected with DJ Nano, who from the RIU Hotel in Madrid, carried out a special presentation of the bells with exceptional guests and friends such as Marta Sánchez, Fonsi Nieto or Maxi Iglesias. Once the new year had been reached, a documentary was broadcast on the two historical dates of Oro Viejo in 2019 at IFEMA. After that, what everyone expected began, a new edition of Oro Viejo.

With more than five hours of duration and an exceptional  poster, with names such as Raúl Ortiz, Dj Neil, Ángel Sánchez and Dj Marta, the show had an impressive technical display: more than 200m2 of led screen, more than a hundred pieces of lighting equipment, a production system that featured 6 cameras, including a hot head; as well as the latest audiovisual technology: mixed reality, augmented reality or virtual environments. In the next few days we will publish a special video of the event that can be seen on the Fluge Audiovisuales social networks.