Under the slogan “What’s your vibe?”, Fashion Week Panama 2022 took place from September 27 to October 2 in Panama Casco Viejo. In two different locations, the American Trade Hotel and La Manzana Cultural Center, more than 30 national and international designers presented the new spring/summer 2023 trends, all broadcast on stream.

One of the FWP parades 2022

On September 27, 28 and 29, the American Trade Hotel became a fashion catwalk for the upcoming collections that will triumph over the next year. There were more than 30 designers who, under their own brands, showed striking proposals full of colors and textures. The space was inaugurated by the Michelle Nassar show, Panamanian creator with an international career, followed by a block of four designers (Nicolás Real, Palo Santo, Yami Campos and Edda González).

More fashion at Panama Fashion Week

While on September 30, October 1 and 2, the La Manzana Cultural Center hosted different activities such as the Fashion Market, a space for entrepreneurial creators, and The Shop, a clothing store for the participants, in addition to areas of cinematographic projections and performances.

Thanks to PHYSICAL, producer of the event, Fluge Audiovisuales Centroamérica was entrusted to supply the structure, rigging and lighting, video and sound equipment for both facilities. In the American Trade Hotel, a truss structure of more than 150 linear meters was assembled, an important sound system and 65 Lycos to illuminate 3 walkway lanes 40 meters long and 2 meters wide each. This catwalk made the models cross from one side to the other parading among the attendees, never seen before in the FWP. 4 LED screens of 1.5 x 2.5 meters on both sides were also provided, resulting in a total of 8 screens to emit the closed circuit cameras through them; and a 20,000 lumen projector was mounted. In addition, the entire facade was bathed, and a 2 x 3 meters LED screen was installed at the entrance and the entire power and lighting system for the backstage room.

National cultural representation in the FWP

At the La Manzana Cultural Center, the parade hall and the entire experience area, with part outdoors and the other indoors, were illuminated and sound provided. The cultural center was decorated with festive lighting that would liven up the experience until closing. In this space, a 6 x 3 meter LED screen was also set up where the closed circuit cameras of the parade that was taking place inside were retransmitted, and, as in the ATH, the entire power and electricity and lighting system was provided for the backstage room.

La Manzana Cultural Center became a must see for designers

Finally, during a day in La Manzana, the Panamanian artist Itzel Yard put on a crypto-art show during a parade, where two 20,000-lumen projectors were mounted that projected her work on the ground.

La Manzana performances and its different activities