From Fluge Audiovisuales, we wanted to thank the collective effort, innovation and support between producers, agencies, artists, enclosures, tour managersstage managers and technical staff during the productions made this year. Despite some difficulties encountered along the way, including the weather adversities that have surprised us all, thanks to our joint commitment, we have managed to get these great projects off the ground, managing to reactivate the sector together in 2022.

We also want to thank our clients for their understanding in the face of difficulties and express our pride and appreciation for trusting us with their productions throughout the year; highlighting the national and international tours and concerts carried out this season, where Fluge Audiovisuales has had the pleasure to be present as a supplier of sound, lighting, and video equipment as well as structures and audiovisual technical personnel.

In reference to the appreciation expressed, we review all these tours and live concerts with some of the most relevant artists and bands on the current music scenario.

Manuel Alejandro. Teatro Real’s Concert. Producer: 16 Escalones Producciones

At the age of 90, the composer born in Jerez, Manuel Alejandro performed a unique concert last Saturday, April 2, at the Teatro Real in Madrid for the first time in his career. Given the enthusiasm of the audience, the musician was supported at all times by his family and by the multitude of artists present: David Bisbal, Pastora Soler, José Mercé, Miguel Poveda, Víctor Manuel, Rocío Carrasco, Mariola Cantarero and La Bien Querida , among many others. Read more

Oro Viejo, by Dj Nano. ProducersDisorder Events and Planet Events

Oro Viejo by DJ Nano, “A Christmas Story”, brought together around 10,000 people last Friday, December 10, at the WiZink Center in Madrid. After the last edition carried out in virtual format, the greatest tribute to dance music in our country conquered the audience with six hours of music that turned up the venue hype. Read more

Ura Bere Bidean. Producer: Fair Saturday Foundation

Fonseca. “Fonseca Tour Europa 2021”. Producer: Aguacate Live

La Polla Records. «Madrid Resiste». Producer: Last Tour

Beret. “Prisma Tour”. Producer: Urbania Events

At the end of 2019, Beret’s studio album “Prisma”, was published. It  featured high-profile collaborations such as Melendi or Pablo Alborán. Welcomed extraordinarily by the public, the presentation tour had to be postponed due to the health alert, until the dates scheduled in Barcelona and Madrid, at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 respectively, allowed  the Malagueño artist back to stage. Read more

Los Chikos del Maíz. «Concierto XV Aniversario». Producer: Last Tour

After fifteen years of gaining experience, new fans and prestige in Latin America and Europe, Los Chikos del Maíz decided to go one step further and offer a concert at the WiZink Center in Madrid. On the occasion of their 15th anniversary, the rap band, formed by MC’s Nega and Toni el Sucio, did not disappoint and their fans let them know it, obtaining an attendance of around 8,000 people, quite an achievement for a self-made band. Read more

Ricardo Arjona. “Blanco y Negro Tour 2022”. Producer: RLM

Ricardo Arjona, one of the great exponents of Latin music and winner of two Grammys, presented in Spain his last two albums with the Black and White Tour, in which the public will enjoy a unique experience characterized by a great closeness with the artist. After releasing “Blanco”, in 2020, and “Negro”, in 2021, the Guatemalan will tour Spain to present his new songs, as well as to remember some of his greatest hits from his impeccable discography. Read more

C. Tangana. “Sin Cantar Ni Afinar Tour”. Producer: LD Eventos

The new and long-awaited tour of El Madrileño, better known as C Tangana, began in Spain, sweeping each of the venues chosen to present his studio album “El Madrileño”, released in 2021. With a successful audience and unparalleled criticism, the tour, entitled “Sin cantar ni tuning Tour”, is the largest and most ambitious of his career; a show characterized by an enormous musical and technical display in which the artist staged the songs from the aforementioned last album, as well as its subsequent reissue entitled “La Sobremesa”. Read more

Pablo Alborán. “Gira de Teatros”. Producer: Get In

After publishing his latest song “Castillos de Arena”, Pablo Alborán embarks on a new national tour that will be more personal than ever. The artist from Malaga will tour Spain on a tour of some of the country’s most outstanding theaters and auditoriums, recalling his beginnings in these types of locations and presenting his music in exceptional conditions that maintain and exalt the essence of the singer. Read more

Nil Moliner. “Nuestra Locura Tour”. Producer: The Coco’s Producciones

Under the name of “Nuestra Locura Tour”, the composer and singer Nil Moliner returns to stage to tour Spain and America on a new tour. The artist began his tour on March 4 in Navarra (Navarra Arena), where around 4,000 people were able to witness the wave of positivity that Moliner brings to the places where he steps. After presenting his latest work and second studio album “Un secreto al que gritar” and sowing success with songs like “Libertad” or “Pólvora”, Nil Moliner has positioned himself as one of the most outstanding artists on the Spanish music scenario. Read more

Pablo Milanés. «Días de Luz» Tour. Producer: Siamm Producciones

The legendary Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés visited Zaragoza last Saturday, March 5, as part of his latest tour entitled “Días de Luz” (Days of Light). With this new tour, which began a year ago, the musician made the audience vibrate with his art at the Mozart Hall of the Auditorio de Zaragoza with an intimate format, both exciting and surprising. Read more

Maluma. “Papi Juancho Tour”. Producer: WK Entertainment

After the forced suspension of his last European tour as a consequence of the health alert, the Colombian urban music star, Maluma, returned two years later with his long-awaited world tour “Papi Juancho Tour 2022”. He resumed contact with his public in a renewed and spectacular tour still on the road that will take him to cover a large part of European territory. Read more

Miguel Ríos. «40 Aniversario Rock&Ríos». Producer: Riff Producciones

The veteran singer from Granada, Miguel Ríos, returned to stage to pack the WiZink Center in Madrid with two commemorative concerts that celebrated the 40th anniversary of his double album “Rock & Ríos”. With the original 1982 band on stage, the singer offered two unforgettable concerts lasting almost 3 hours on March 11 and 12, which were attended by a multitude of guest artists such as Amaral, Rosendo, Ariel Rot, Víctor Manuel or even Javier Bardem, the great surprise of the first night. Read more

Kase.O. Tour “Jazz Magnetism”. Producer: Rapsolo

IZAL. Tour “Hogar”. Producer: Mariposas Canibales

After the announcement a few months ago of an “indefinite hiatus”, the band Izal met again with their audience to start the presentation tour of their latest studio work, “Hogar”. Held at the Ciutat de Les Arts i Les Ciències in Valencia last Saturday, April 23, the concert had an incredible reception from the public, gathering around 10,000 people in a night full of emotions. Read more

Miss Caffeina. «Gira El Año del Tigre 2022». Producer: Hook Management

On the occasion of the release of their latest studio project titled “Elaño del Tigre”, the Madrid indie rock band Miss Caffeina embarked on a tour that culminated in the concert held last Saturday 23, nothing more and nothing less than at the WiZink Center in Madrid, their first performance in this venue, suitable with what is known as The Ring format. Read more

Ayax. Tour “Juglar del S. XXI”. Producer: Taste The Floor

Dani Martín. Tour “Qué Caro Es el Tiempo”. Producer: Puercoespín Producciones

Planned in several stages, the first part of the “Que Caro es el Tiempio” tour concluded at the end of 2021 with three consecutive concerts at the WiZink Center in Madrid an impressive feature out of the hand of a few of artists. After a few months of rest, Dani Martín and his entire team embarked on the second part of the tour, this time through Spanish festivals, which began in April in Benicàssim and ended on August 24 in Marbella. However, the successful and massive tour does not stop and will continue its third part on September 10 in Granada, to end at the end of this year. Read more

FERNANDOCOSTA. “Summer Tour 2022”. Producer: Taste The Floor

Dj Nano. Producer: Disorder Events

«MECANOEXPERIENCE». Producer: The Musical Experience S.L.

Bunbury. American tour “TOUR 2022”. Producer: Rock & Chicken

Alice Cooper. «Detroit Muscle Tour». Producer: Live Nation

Last Saturday, July 2nd, Vincent Damon Furnier, better known as Alice Cooper, offered a concert that hypnotized all those who came to the new Cover of Leganes in Madrid. After triumphing at the Rock Fest festival in Barcelona the day before, the Detroit artist and his entire band demonstrated their great staging strength once again and the multitude of surprises that the show has prepared for every one of his followers to enjoy. Read more

Robbie Williams. «528 Gardens Live». Producer: 528 Gardens Ibiza

528 Gardens, the spectacular open-air space located in the Benimussa hills in Ibiza, had confirmed a surprise artist during the performance of the electronic group Lufthaus, which was making its debut on the island. What no one could predict is that it would be the British star Robbie Williams. It was an event that surprised those present and met the expectations generated. Read more

Estopa. Tour “Fuego”. Producer: Heredia Producciones

After having been forced to postpone their last big tour in 2020 and replace it with concerts with a capacity and places adapted to health alert measures. Estopa returns to stage and retakes “Fuego” tour, designed for large crowds, with a repertoire full of energy and pleasure. Among them, the Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona stands out, with a capacity of 25,000 people, to be held on May 14. Read more

Melendi. Tour “Likes y Cicatrices”. Producer: Riff Producciones

After the resounding global success of his latest studio album “Likes y Cicatrices”, the title that gives the tour its name, Melendi has embarked on a new tour that will take him around the entire national territory. For the first time, fans will have the opportunity to sing in unison to the singer’s latest hits such as “La Boca Junta” or “Simplemente Dilo”, songs that belong to his eleventh album and have sounded around the world in recent months. Read more

Vetusta Morla. Tour “Cable a Tierra”. Producer: Esmerarte Industrias Creativas

On the occasion of the introduction of their most recent studio album, Vetusta Morla returns to the road to offer a new concert tour called “Cable a Tierra”. Its members, Álvaro B. Baglietto, electric bass; Jorge González, percussion; Juan Manuel Latorre, guitar; Pucho, vocals; Guillermo Galván, guitar, and David García, drums, have wanted to get out of their comfort zone to elaborate a new, closer and more traditional sound with the incorporation of new instruments and artists from the groups El Naán and Aliboria. Read more

Andrés Calamaro. “Tour 2022”. Producer: Get In

After postponing his plans to tour Spain in 2020 due to the health alert, Andrés Calamaro returns to present his TOUR 2022 in different Spanish cities. The multi award-winning Argentine artist returns to stage to offer a live show thriving with his greatest hits. Read more

Nathy Peluso. “Calambre Tour 2022”. Producer: Line Of Blue

Argentine artists Nathy Peluso returned to Spain to perform a series of concerts during the summer at various festivals under the name “Calambre 2022″. Her fan base continues to grow and she is one of the singers of today with success from both the audience and the critics. Read more

Raphael. “Tour 6.0”. Producers: The Boy On Stage and RLM

Raphael, one of the most relevant Spanish-speaking artists of all time, celebrates his 60-year career touring the most important stages in the world with a concert tour in Spain called “Tour 6.0”. Thus, the musical star will interpret the songs from his latest album “Raphael 6.0”, which includes duets of his great hymns to the repertoire and songs that he always wanted to sing but had not done until now. Read more

Dvicio. “Mil Veces Tour”. Producer: Latido 24

Manolo García. “Gira22”. Producer: Galea Producciones

After being forced to postpone the first dates and delay the start of his new tour due to covid 19, the Catalan singer Manolo García returned to stage stronger than ever to offer his audience a new concert tour that presents his latest studio work that is made up of a double album and that includes the titles Mi Vida en Marte and Desatinos Plucked. Read more

Rosalía. “MOTOMAMI WORLD TOUR”. Producers: Motomami and Live Nation

Rosalía’s long-awaited and brand-new tour, “Motomami World Tour”, kicked off last Wednesday, July 6th, at the Almería Fair Concert Hall, where 12,000 attendees were able to witness the overwhelming show that the Catalan has prepared with so much love for the past few months on first-hand. Read more

Natos y Waor. Mad Cool Festival. Producer: Taste The Floor

Imagine Dragons. “MERCURY WORLD TOUR”. Producers: LD Eventos y Live Nation

The American band Imagine Dragons offered a spectacular concert last Monday, July 11, on the stage installed in Monte do Gozo in Santiago de Compostela. The performance, the only stop on the Mercury Tour in Galicia, brought together more than 30,000 people who enjoyed the band’s great successes. Read more

Ana Torroja. “Tour Volver”. Producer: RLM

Iron Maiden. “Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2022”. Producer: Raff Rock AIE

Last Friday, July 29th, Iron Maiden turned the Barcelona Olympic Stadium into a metal opera with Japanese influences that thrilled the more than 50,000 attendees gathered there. Delayed for a year due to the health alert, the British artists landed to offer an unparalleled show with an overwhelming staging as part of their Legacy of the Beast Tour.  It was quite an event that delighted their most unconditional followers. Read more

Tini. “TINI TOUR 2022”. Producers: Line Of Blue and Last Tour

Sum 41 + Simple Plan. “Does This Look All Killer No Filler Tour”. Producers: LD Eventos and Live Nation