Inaugurated on December 16, “Árticus, the Christmas Star” arrived at the Casa de Campo in Madrid with a large Christmas theme park. With a total of twelve different areas that host various activities, the Arctic winter park is a recreation of the Arctic that has more than 100,000 square meters. Inside its enclosure you can find walks full of light, attractions where you can release adrenaline, magical shows such as Peter Pan On Ice, a fairytale Christmas market, an ice rink for non-stop sliding, polar and prehistoric animals or impressive northern lights.

In the enormous area of the Casa de Campo there are several different areas full of magic, illusion and family entertainment. Among all these spaces, we can find Cirkulus, an amusement area set with a storyline and very aesthetic, Senda del Ártico, a sensory walk from the creators of Naturaleza Encendida, Tahitipuru Barbecue tipi Bar, recreation of an Inuit Arctic village with a terrace exterior, bonfire and Candy Car, Nivalis, a charming artisan Christmas market, Gran Vía del Ártico, the main artery of Árticus set with music, shows and a starry sky of led lights, GrandiOso, a multisensory route where you can travel through Christmas wishes, MahouTown, a town of beer where you can toast, eat and dance, Jurassicus Park, a Jurassic adventure of more than 3000m2 with large reproductions, Diverhouse, ice rink in a large covered area, Igloo Ice Bar, a bar area where you can have a cocktail in a sub-zero igloo while you see the northern lights, Nuuk International Food Village, a gastronomic journey through different countries, and Neverlandia,  where Peter Pan on Ice is exhibited, the famous musical with acclaimed Olympic ice skaters and a set design never seen before.

Thanks to LetsGo, producer of this unique experience, Fluge Audiovisuales is in charge of supplying the entire audiovisual equipment for the venue, which includes lighting, sound and video equipment. As expected, the audiovisual display is of enormous proportions, providing technical coverage to each and every one of the areas described above, making Árticus an unforgettable show that has the latest technology and the most cutting-edge systems in the industry. present.

To understand the magnitude of the endowment provided by Fluge Audiovisuales, it is enough to take a look at the enormous numbers in terms of sound, lighting and video. As for the sound, around 450 Work speakers have been installed throughout the venue for piped music, in the MahouTown space, where live concerts take place, a DAS Lara equipment for the P.A., microphones and a table control, in the musical Peter Pan on Ice surround sound has been made with six P.A. circulars made up of DAS Aero 40, Adamson Point 8 and 12 and a Yamaha QL1 control desk, a total of 60 d&b E8, E6 and E5 models controlled by an Allen&Heath SQ5 desk were supplied at GrandiOso.

As to Peter Pan on Ice, GrandiOso and Igloo Ice Bar spaces needed 28 laser projectors with between 5,000 and 32,000 lumens for their different show proposals, a video wall made up of 8 55” screens and two Watchout media server control systems. Lastly, throughout the venue, as well as inside each of the spaces, more than 1200 robotic and conventional lighting equipment had been supplied.