Project Description


After the victory of Real Madrid in Cardiff, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium received the team on Sunday, June 4th.  Joining them, were tens of thousands of fans of the team celebrating the Champions League victory. Music, fireworks, light sets and stunning video projections guided the ceremony as players jumped onto the lawn.

AVL Technical Project commissioned Fluge Audiovisuales to supply the lighting equipment and Fluge BNC to supply the video and projection for the celebration.

For the lighting of the stands, 4 Robert Juliat Lancelot 4000HMI, 6 Robert Juliat Aramis 2500HMI, 28 Robin BMFL Washbeam, 60 Clay Paky Mythos and 30 Clay Paky Sharpy were used.

On the lawn, the lighting used was 10 Arri true Blue ST2 Theater Fresnel 2Kw, 112 Robe Pointe 300w Zoom, 16 Martin Atomic LED 3000 Strobo, 4 Base Highpower Cased, 1 Base Touring, 2 Tour Hazer II, 2 Lemaitre MVS Hazer, 2 DF-50 Diffusion Hazer, 9 Martin Jem AF-1, 2 Sahara Dryer S1. The control table used was a Grand MA2 Full Size.

The video equipment and projection consisted of 7 led screens of 66m2 each, 6 video controllers Novastar MCTRL 4K and 2 Image Pro. 8 Barco Projectors HDQ 2K40 were also used. For content management, there was a Folsom Encore E2 system, a 4 × 4 D3 system, a 2 × 4 D3 system and 2 2 × 4 DE systems.