Project Description


Located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, the Zhengzhou Art Palace covers an area of ​​9127.2 square meters. It consists of two theaters with a capacity for 1338 and 186 spectators respectively. The Art Palace was renovated this year to host a versatile stage, with multiple structures and mobile elevating capacities. In addition, it updated its audio in its facilities setting up the DAS Audio professional sound system, which made it a magnificent place for ballet, singing, dancing, opera and national and international top-level symphonic groups.

The company Chao Ganguan, formed in grace to the union between DAS Audio and Fluge Audiovisuales in the Chinese market, was in charge of the set up of the sound systems of the venue.

Products used in the project: 2 groups of 6 AERO 20A with 2 LX-118A subwoofers hung on each side of the stage for the main PA. 4 ARTEC 526 were installed on the front of the stage for the front filling. 4 VANTEC 12A were supplied as stage monitors. The system is supervised and controlled by an audio management system DSP4080 and DASnet.

Challenges: Since there were no renovations carried out  in the interior decoration, there was no possibility of re-wiring, which means that it was difficult to add speakers for the filling.

Solution: The DASaim digital direction solution that is integrated within AERO 20A that we recommended the client can modify the interaction of the cabinet and therefore, the matrix radiation pattern to the frequency; thus making possible to redirect the energy where it is needed.

Technical characteristics:

Use of DASnet Rack – The DASnet Rack is a remote control system used with the AERO-20A active speaker set. It integrates signal processing, control, distribution, as well as energy distribution and remote control in a unit. Thanks to this, the sound engineer can monitor the performance status of each speaker from the control room during the performance and make the necessary adjustments in time for an easy adaptation of the operating system.

SUBWOOFERS FLOWN – Normally, subwoofers are stacked on the ground for a powerful low frequency. Considering the situation of the points, the frequency would’ve been too low for the front seating area, but the lack of frequency for the upper seating field would increase. Therefore, the technical team of Chao GanGuan, which is the subsidiary of DAS in China, hanging the subwoofers to achieve uniform coverage.