Project Description


The Olympic Center of Hangzhou is one of the most important sports buildings in China. Its construction, which ended last year, consists of two stadiums: a main multipurpose one and another of less magnitude, which hosts tennis competitions among other events. Both stadiums are covered by a spectacular frame whose walls resemble lotus petals.

In the coming years, the tennis center will receive important international competitions and will be one of the venues for the Asian Games of 2022. Due to this, its facilities have been revised and improved, especially in reference to its sound system, which requires reliability and the finest quality.

The company Chao Ganguan, a union between DAS Audio and Fluge Audiovisuales to serve the Chinese market, has been in charge of updating the audio system of the venue. Several engineers pursued the design and prepared the installation taking into account the needs and peculiarities of the stadium which was an immense challenge. One of them was its mobile roof, which changes the acoustics of the room when it opens and requires waterproof speakers to protect them from humidity.

Next, find the breakdown of the installed sound equipment:

4 clusters of 2 x HQ212.95 each flown under the track on East and west spectator stand

12 clusters of 2 x HQ212.95 each flown under the track on South and North spectator stand

6 groups of 2 x HQ212.95 each flown beneath the track in race area

4 clusters of 4 x HQ212.64 in total flown beneath the track in VIP spectator area

2 x Vantec12 stacked as the monitor in front of the podium