Project Description


Dedicated to interpretation since an early age, Tini Stoessel reach the fame with Disney and the youthful series of Violetta. The success of the series take its leading roles to set out on two massive tours in 2013 and 2014. Violetta Live allowed the artist to go all over South America, as well as Spain, Italy and France. After that, she returned to the highway again wih Violetta Live 2015 International Tour, that counted with 80 shows and more than 600.000 seats sold out. During his tour in Europe, Fluge Audiovisuales was responsible for providing the sound, light and video equipment in both tours.

This time, Tini Stoessel flies alone with a tour that began in Madrid the past March 18th and she has already performed in some cities:  Stuttgart, Milano, Rome, Budapest, Cracovia, Lodz, Vienna, Munich or Zurich. Tin. Got Me Started Tour will offer until May 6th its impressive spectacle in different European countries performing in cities as  Colonia, Hamburgo, Berlin, Oberhausen, Paris, Bruselas or Frankfurt.

Thanks to the trust of SOLD OUT the producer of this tour,  once again Fluge Audiovisuales was chosen to provide light, sound and video equipment.


P.A. System:

  • 30 Adamson E-15
  • 8 Adamson S-10
  • 16 Adamson E-219 sub.
  • 8 Adamson S-10 (Frontfill)
  • 24 Adamson E-12 (Outfill)
  • 12 Adamson S-10 and 4 Adamson E-218 Sub (Sidefill)

FOH Control:

  • Digico SD5

Monitor Control:

  • Digico SDTEN

LX Control:

  • Grand MA2 Full Size.

LX Base:

  • 11 Robe Pointe 300W
  • 6 Robe Patt
  • 12 Showtec Sunstrip Active DMX

LX Equipment:

  • 17 Vari-lite VL3000 Spot
  • 14 Robin 800 Wash
  • 33 Robe Pointe 300W
  • 10 Martin Mac2000 Wash
  • 18 Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye K20
  • 12 Clay Paky Sharpy
  • 2 Robert Juliat Lancelot 4000 HMI

LX Effects:

  • 34 Blinder 4Lites
  • 4 Blinder 8Lites
  • 5 Tour Hazer II.

Video Base:

LED Screens:

  • 220 modules Led Gloshine 4,81mm
  • 2 Novastar M3 MCTRL 660 video controller.

Video Equipment:

  • 100 Modules LM4, 81mm
  • 2 Novastar M3 MCTRL 660 video controller.


  • 1 Panasonic DLP PT-DZ21K2 HD 20.000 lumens,
  • 2 Panasonic DLP PT-DZ21KEJ HD 20.000 lumens
  • 2 DA-LITE 7, 32×4,11 meters F/R proyection screen with structure.