Project Description


Project Description

To celebrate the 2014 World Basketball Championship in Madrid, the interior of Callao became a space dedicated to American basketball, NBA House. From Tuesday 9 to Sunday the 14th of September, its doors will be open to all those NBA lovers who want to live the ambient of the best basketball in the world from within.

“With a daily program of personalized activities, fans will be able to participate in a series of tests and challenges of basketball in a half court specifically built for this space,” organizers report.

With the help of BBVA and Adidas, this area of 850m modified its usual appearance to accommodate the most diverse activities; including seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry, seven-time ‘ring’ winner Jalen Rose and three-time NBA champion Bruce Bowen. During the week, fans could enjoy interactive screens, video highlights, official NBA stores with exclusive league products, prizes or these mentioned special guests.

Technical data of interest:

To carry out an event of this kind (six days of exhibition to the public) it took five assembly days and adjustments, fourteen assembly technicians and eleven execution technicians. For everything to develop properly, the following was installed:



Matrix System of video signals to send any content to the installed screens


Sound System to send sound signals independently to each of the sonorized areas.


 2 structures of self-supporting Truss H30 of dimensions of 18,5m X 8,28m and 15,5m X 8,28m fixed and counterweighted to the ground built on the patio of seats of the cinemas were installed.


Production system formed by 2 channels of HD Sony HDCAM 650P cameras, one of them with Radio-link Gigawave HD and a camera fixed in the basket to give spectacular shots of dunks and other demonstrations.