Project Description


The latest edition of the Mobile World Congress turned Barcelona into the capital of the technological world. From the 25th to 28th of February, Fira Barcelona received the largest mobile phone event on the planet with hundreds of stands, companies and visitors from all over  the globe. This edition also broke the attendance record with more than 109,000 participants, a figure that had not been exceeded since the congress of 2017.

This year the event exposed important new features, such as the next generation of 5G mobile technology, new forms of alternative mobility, smart cities and, especially robotics and artificial intelligence as the maximum exponents of technological change that promises to completely revolutionize the sector.

Fluge Barcelona was present at this important event thanks to the trust of Apple Tree Communications and GSMA. On other hand, Fluge was the official audiovisual provider of Hall 8, where six conference rooms were located (ranging from 100 to 500 people), with their respective meeting rooms and lobbies located beside them.  In addition, the audiovisual equipment was provided for the technical production of presentations for relevant clients such as Samsung, IBM, VISA, Huawie or GTI, among others.

In all, Fluge coordinated a team of fifty professionals of various profiles such as producers, lighting, sound and video technicians, camera operators, filmmakers and stage managers to execute this outstanding endeavor.