Project Description


From the 23rd of June to the 2nd of July, Madrid hosted a new edition of the LGTBI Pride. This year was bigger than ever as the city was chosen to host the World Pride International Celebration. The Community of Madrid and the City of Madrid relied on Fluge Audiovisuales and Light Project to provide audio-visual equipment as well as assembling the scenes in the city center where the performances and activities of the LGTBI Pride were held. Hundreds of thousands of Madrilenians and tourists from all over the world gathered in the Spanish capital in what was one of the biggest events in the country.

In addition to the assembly of audio-visual materials for the different events of the World Pride 2017, an environmental sustainability strategy was also created.

The strategy included a waste management plan that installed numerous ecological islands, green points and container reinforcements around all areas where concerts and performances were offered. Chemical baths were also installed throughout the center and the use of reusable glasses was implanted in spaces of special environmental interest.

In addition, the reduction of noise and light pollution was ensured with the audiovisual media supplied. The generators used were from the 3rd RANGE, which incorporate the most advanced environmental quality standards on electricity consumption, sound insulation and emissions of gases and particulates.

All the zones of stages had spaces reserved for the accessibility of people with reduced mobility. Mobility was facilitated by extending the hours of public transport during the days of celebration.
Finally, there was an environmental volunteer team in charge of the tasks of citizen awareness and support in waste management. For this we also had an advertising campaign aimed at attendees of the event.

Light Project, together with the City of Madrid, has committed to make a report in which to assess the environmental impact of the event.

Between the celebrations of the World Pride in which both companies participated were:

Plaza de Chueca: “Exposition W” that required the installation of 10 totems for the exhibition of photos as well as an HIV stand.

Plaza Pedro Zerolo: Installation of a stage. A  P.A. 10 L’acoustic Kara and 6 L’acoustic Sb28 were supplied. In FOH control and monitors control, two Digico SD8 24 mixers were used. The lighting equipment consisted of 1 table Hog4 Road, 10 Robe Pointe, 8 Clay Paky B-eyes K10, 4 Vari * Lite 3000 Spot and 2 Strobo Martin Atomic 3000 Leds. Finally, a 24-meter LED display was available2.

Plaza del Rey: Installation of a stage for musical performances. For this we had a system of P.A. Consisting of 16 Meyer Sound Mica self-powered enclosures, 6 Meyer Sound 700 sub-machines and 2 Mica Cluster. In FOH control a table Midas Pro 01 and in control of monitor controls, a table Behringer X32 was used. The lighting equipment consisted of 2 Strobo Martin Atomic, 10 Robe Pointe and 4 Vari * Lite 3000 Spot. Finally, for the video 24 meters2 of LED screen were used .

Calle Pelayo: A stage with two rosco decks and a sign of goal and sound (basic equipment)was installed.
Puerta del Sol: Setting up a stage for musical performances. The P.A system was composed of 32 Das Audio AERO50, 4 Lap Gruppen AERO50, 16 Das Audio UX-221A. In the control FOH 1 Digico SD 10y in monitor controls and 1 Digico SD8 were used. The lighting chosen for this scenario consisted of 18 Vari * Lite VL4000 Spot, 18 Vari Lite VLX Wash, 8 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobo and 8 Blinder 8Lites. All controlled by a Chamsys Magicq MQ100. In addition to 80 meters2 of led screen that were divided into two spaces of the square.

Plaza de España: Installation of a stage for concerts. For the P.A. 24 Das Audio AERO50, 4 Lap Gruppen AERO50 and 12 Das Audio UX-221ª. For frontfill we used 6 Das Audio Convert12. In the FOH control 1 Digico SD8 was supplied and for the monitor control a Digico SD9 was used. In the lighting section we used  12 Vari Lite VL3000 Spot, 12 Vari * Lite VLX Wash, 10 Clay Paky Alphaspot 1200 HPE and 6 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobo. All controlled with a Chamsys Magicq MQ60. In addition, 40 meters2 of LED screen was installed.
Explanada del Rey: Installation of equipment for the activities programmed in the World Pride Park. For this, a sound system was required; P.A. composed by 12 Das Audio AERO50 and 6 Das Audio UX-30. In FOH control, 1 Yamaha QL1 and 1 Yamaha Rio 1608 were used. Lighting included 12 Vari * Lite VL3000 Spot and 14 Robin 800 Wash, among others, controlled with 1 Chamsys Magicq MQ60. In this square 24 meters2 of led screen were used.

Plaza de la Independencia: Installation of a stage for concerts. The P.A. was composed of 8 d & b J12, 24 d & b J8, 32 d & b J-SUB, 20 d & b D-80. For the frontfill: 10 d & b Q-7 & 6 d & b D-12; For the outfill: 20 d & b Q-1 and 12 d & b D-12; And for the sidefill: 2 Lap Gruppen V-DOSC X-OVER, 4 L’acoustic SB-218 and 6 L’acoustic ARCS. For illumination 4 L’acoustic K1 3, 12 Studio Due Citycolor 2500 C, 2 Robert Juliat Aramis 2500 HMI, 18 Vari-Lite VL3015 Wash, 8 Vari-Lite VL3500LT Spot, 20 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700, 18 Clay Paky A.Leda B-eye K10 and 16 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobo were used. The lighting equipment was controlled by a Chamsys Magicq MQ100 and a Chamsys Magicq Playback Wing. In this square 215 meters2 of led screens were used.

Tierno Galván Auditorium: Installation of a stage for the parties “We Party” and “Brunch in the Park”.