Project Description


The most multitudinous electronic music event in Levante, which took place from August 8 to 12 at Cullera Beach (Valencia), offered 67 hours of uninterrupted music during the five days and an audiovisual display that did not leave anyone indifferent.

The French Dj David Guetta closed the fifth edition of the Medusa Sunbeach Festival with more than 300,000 people singing his most famous songs with an extraordinary staging, thus marking a before and after in the history of the festival. The dj was accompanied by internationally renowned artists such as Jerry Dávila, Angemi, Catdealers or Wolfpack who were in charge of putting the finishing touch to five days of the best electronic music.

Medusa Sun Beach, producer of the festival, had one more year with Fluge Audiovisuales to supply the sound, lighting and video equipment for two of the stages: “INVADERS” and “RESONANCE”.

The “INVADERS” stage was composed by a P.A system formed by 24 d&b J8, 8 d&b J12, 34 d&b J-Sub, 24 d&b D-80 and a d&b equipment for frontfill and outfill. The FOH control included a Digico SDTEN and a Booth Monitor consisting of 6 L´Acoustic Kara, 2 L´Acoustic SB-28, 4 L´Acoustic 115XT and 1 Lab Gruppen rack. The lighting equipment consisted of 92 Martin Rush Parled, 18 Star Color, 2 Robert Juliat Aramis, 20 Vari * lite VL4000, 68 Robe Pointe 300w, 54 Robin 800 Wash, 12 Clay Paky A.Leda and 24 Clay Paky Myhtos. In addition, 30 Martin Atomic 3000, 30 Blinder 8lites and 26 Showtec Sunstrip were provided for the effects. All controlled by a grand MA2 Full Size and a Grand MA2 Light. For the rigging of this scenario there were Eurotruss structures.The video featured 6.9 mm 5 led screens and 2 Barco Folsom systems.

The “RESONANCE” stage was composed by a P.A system formed by 24 Meyersound Leo, 20 Meyersound 1100- LFC and also 6 Meyersound for frontfill. The FOH control included a Digico SD8 table, a Digicock Digicock and a Booth Monitor consisting of 6 L’Acoustic Kara, 2 L’Acoustic LA8 and 2 L’Acoustic SB-28. The lighting equipment consisted of 20 Thomas Pixel Line, 26 Vari * lite VL3000 Spot, 20 Robin 300 and 24 Clay Paky Sharpy, plus 17 Martin Atomic 3000, 24 Blinder 2lites, 6 blinder 4lites and 12 Blinder 4lites for effects. All controlled by a grand MA2 Light and a Grand MA2 Comand Wing. For the rigging of this scenario there were Eurotruss structures.The video featured 14 Gloshine LED screens, 1 screen and 10 Yestech Magic Stag banner and 1 Barco Folsom Image system.

Project Details