After the success of previous editions, the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid once again hosted Naturaleza Encendida, a light experience in which to discover one of the first living beings to inhabit the Earth. Likewise, the show landed for the first time in the Alcázar de Córdoba, where the essence of the city is captured through impressive light scenes and exclusive fascinating projections. Origin and Roots, are named respectively.

Naturaleza Encendida offers its visitors a nocturnal journey through light and sound in natural spaces of important urban centers. Year after year, it has sold out its tickets in record time in cities like Barcelona, Valencia and Tenerife. With more than a million lights installed in different areas of the venue, the tour becomes a magical adventure for the whole family, leaving everyone present speechless thanks to the lighting and sensory display and its careful and unique artistic and technical design. .

Thanks to LetsGo’s trust, producer of the show, Fluge Audiovisuales is in charge of supplying the audiovisual equipment of both cities. Fluge Audiovisuales has been working side by side with LetsGo and different lighting designers, in charge of audiovisual creativity, since the first edition of Naturaleza Encendida. In this new edition, Fluge and LetsGo have worked together with the designer Chus Fernández to make the show an unforgettable and unique experience.

Here is an  equipment volume description installed in both cities. Fluge Audiovisuales has supplied hundreds of lighting equipment from the Clay Paky, CLF, Robe, Elation, URC, Cameo or MA Lighting brands, 28 Panasonic 7000-lumen laser projectors, two of 12,000 lumens, one of 15,000 lumens and three of 20,000 lumens, in addition to four media server Watchout systems. In the sound section, a sound system consisting mainly of 120 Audac WX802MK2/OB loudspeakers has been used. The choice came from its simple design and small size, capable of going unnoticed along the route, and its degree of IP65 weather protection.

Given the unique characteristics of the show, the essential technical requirement was to deploy an audiovisual equipment that complies with IP protection regulations. Most of the lighting, sound and video equipment installed meets this IP65 protection requirement or else a specific protection cover has been developed. Thus, equipment exposed to a wide variety of outdoor environmental conditions works normally and without risk.