The Red Bull SoundClash was held for two consecutive days. Last Tuesday, December 12 and Wednesday, December 13, at the WiZink Center in Madrid, it exceeded all expectations and left an indelible mark among the visitors. This show, which debuted with Dellafuente and Morad as protagonists, brought together tens of thousands of people in two nights that thrived in music, energy and emotion.

© Gianfranco Tripodo / Red Bull Content Pool

The event took place on two opposing stages, each representing the artists’ neighborhoods. The staging was impressive, with moving motorcycles, scaffolding and urban elements that transported the audience to the unique worlds of Dellafuente and Morad. Hamza Zaidi, an influential presenter, kicked off the show with a performance by Dellafuente, followed by a passionate presentation by Morad.

© Jacobo Medrano / Red Bull Content Pool

Both artists demonstrated their talent and loyalty to their roots, performing their best-known hits. Dellafuente delighted the audience with songs like “Consentia,” “Dile,” and “Veneno”. Meanwhile Morad made the audience vibrate with songs like “Se Grita Europa” and “Cómo están.” Yet the surprise and excitement reached its peak when surprise guests were announced who joined the two main artists on stage. RVFV, Lola Índigo, C Tangana, Rels B or Maka added a fusion of cultures and styles, creating unforgettable moments of musical collaboration. The event culminated with Dellafuente and Morad performing “Dineros,” “KTM,” and “Manos Rotas,” in dúo, leaving the audience ecstatic.

© Gianfranco Tripodo / Red Bull Content Pool

The Red Bull SoundClash became a musical phenomenon that demonstrated urban music has a prominent affluence in Spain and that Dellafuente and Morad are two of the most influential artists on the current scenario. With tickets sold out for both performances and a devoted audience, this event promises to return with a vengeance, consolidating itself as a fundamental pillar in live music in Spain.

© Gianfranco Tripodo / Red Bull Content Pool

In both ambitious concerts, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the entire video, sound and lighting equipment. To grasp an idea of the dimensions of the show, Fluge Audiovisuales supplied more than 500 mobile and conventional spotlights controlled by three Grand MA3 tables; more than 200 Meyer Sound speakers for the P.A. controlled by two Yamaha CL5 consoles; and, more than 1000 6.94 mm pitch LED modules.