Project Description


The different activities and events programmed by the Culture and Sports Area of the Madrid City Council commemorating the fourth centenary of the Plaza Mayor began with their first appointment: the largest video mapping in Spain, projected on the four facades of the Plaza Mayor.

The show was exposed during 3 days, the 17th ,18th and 19th of February, exhibiting a tour of the history of the Plaza, its evolution from it’s initiation as the square of the Arrabal that was the town market and its transformations throughout these four centuries.


The concept of this immersive show was designed by Delia Piccirilli, artistic director of the program of the IV centenary of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. The design of the content was carried out by Óscar Testón, director of Otu Cinema and creator of Vjspain. Aditionally, Francisco de Borja González, a telecommunications engineer of Fluge BNC made the preliminary project, the project and the technical direction. The projection and video equipment for this unique event was provided by Fluge BNC. Finally, both the surround sound system installed in the square and the lighting was supplied by Fluge Audiovisuales.


This mapping has been the largest carried out in Spain so far. The very large projection area of 5,750 square meters and the number of projectors with Fluge BNC – 20 Barco HDQ-2k 40 of 40,000 lumens (the most powerful projector in the world) and 4 projector projectors HDXw20 of 20,000 lumens – sets us with a capacity of light near the million lumens (880,000 Lx), allowing the espectator to see show that has never been seen in our country.


In the sound section Fluge Audiovisuales counted on a state-of-the-art post-production technology to achieve the 360º sound effect aided by 8 sound towers scattered around the perimeter of the square. The equipment consisted of 24 D & B J8 + 20 D & B Q-1 + 4 D & B Q7 + 28 D & B J-SUB (equipment that ensured a sound pressure level estimated between 103 and 104 db, throughout the public area).


The central structure of the square was flanked by 40 Clay Paky MITOS spotlights, which synchronized with the mapping created a new way of understanding an audiovisual show where projection, light and sound were merged, giving meaning for the first time to the 360º experience and a tangible touch to the word immersion.

Broadly speaking, the inauguration of the 4th century of the Plaza Mayor had a power of 180,000 W of video, 50,000 W of sound and 18,800 W of illumination.