Project Description


The Mestalla stadium, home of Valencia CF, has released a new public address system that has completely updated the sound of the venue. This recent installation allows attendees to listen clearly and accurately to the locutions and musical interventions during sporting events, regardless of where they are.

Its assembly, which took place during the summer months before the start of the new season, has been executed by Fluge Proyectos together with the renowned DAS Audio sound brand. After analyzing with La Liga the different demands and needs, the most spectacular solution was chosen: two line array systems strategically located on both sides of the main marker and more than 50 boxes distributed throughout the stadium to maximize the uniformity and intelligibility of the music and sound effects, a more typical distribution of great musical events than of a sports complex.

Likewise, to always ensure the best sound quality, Fluge Proyectos monitors the installation status remotely, which enables rapid configuration or repair of processors from their offices.

This new sound equipment, inaugurated during the first league game of the season, has had a great reception by the audience and sports media, highlighting the quality and sharpness of the renewed public address system of Mestalla.