The successful musical “School of Rock” premiered in Madrid on September 14 to rock and roll rhythm, offering viewers a unique theatrical experience. Based on the iconic 2003 film and its adaptation by the legendary composer, writer and director Andrew Lloyd Webber, the work is based at the Espacio Ibercaja Delicias in Madrid. Since its long-awaited premiere, the musical has not stopped captivating the audience with its energy and stage talent.

The “School of Rock” story revolves around Dewey Finn, a passionate rock guitarist who, after being kicked out of his band, finds work as a substitute teacher at an elite school. There, he awakens a rock music passion in his students and forms a rock band with them to compete in the Bands Battle. The plot, full of fun and emotion, seeks to revitalize the love for rock among new generations.

The musical production has involved a three-year effort, in which more than 40 children were prepared to sing, dance, act and play instruments on stage, which features the charismatic Leo Rivera in the lead role of Dewey Finny. The stage direction is carried out by the Argentine Ariel del Mastro, while the soundtrack, composed by the renowned Andrew Lloyd Webber, featured twenty-five songs that celebrated the rock and roll essence. “School of Rock” is the second Andrew Lloyd Webber production to arrive in Madrid in the 2023-2024 season, along with “The Phantom of the Opera,” also produced by LetsGo Entertainment.

Thanks to LetsGo Entertainment, producer of the musical, Fluge Audiovisuales is in charge of supplying the audiovisual material. The most notable equipment was composed of a P.A. system of the KV2 brand, controlled by a Digico SD10 table, a Meyer Sound monitor system and more than 200 robotic and conventional spotlights in the lighting equipment, controlled by an Esa Grand MA3.