Teatro de la Zarzuela hosts the premiere of “Amores en Zarza”, a zarzuela (Spanish operetta) adapted to the 21st century and featuring a cast of young performers this Friday, February 26th. With the aim of bringing young audiences closer to this traditional scenic musical genre, the work features songs by the composers Federico Chueca, Joaquín Valverde and Pablo Sorozábal, among others.

With an elegant design by Juanjo Llorens illuminator, who has Rodrigo Ortega as his assistant, the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM-National Institute of Performing Arts and Music), producer of the show, relied on Fluge Audiovisuales to supply the lighting equipment that consisted of 10 Robe Robin 150 Led Beam, 12 Robe Spiider Led Wash, 10 Ghibli Led Hybrid, and 4 Starcolor.