The Low Festival took over the city of Benidorm during the days 28th, 29th and 30th of July filling it with the most indie pop sounds. During the three days of the festival it was possible to enjoy 101 performances with about 500 musicians. This year, it beat record of attendance with 83,000 spectators. The line-up counted with artists such as Pixies, Franz Ferdinand and The Hives among others.

As every year, Low Festival, organizer of the festival under the technical production of Link Events, counted on Fluge Audiovisuales as supplier of the sound and lighting equipment for the main stage, Estrella Damm, and the Matusalem stage.

For the Estrella Damm stage the P.A. system was formed by 32 Das Audio Aero50, 16 Lab Gruppen FP10000Q-SPK and 24 Das Audio UX-221A. For the frontfill 12 Das Audio Aero20 were used, for the downfill 6 Das Audio Convert15 were used, for the outfill 18 Das Audio Aero40 were used, for the sidefill 12 Meyer Sound Melodie and 4 Meyer Sound 650-P,and for the drumfill 2 Meyer Sound UPA-2P were used. The  FOH control was carried out through a Digico Sdten. The supplied monitors were 16 L’acoustic 115XT HiQ, controlled by a  Digico Sdten. For the lighting  6 Vari*Lite VL3500 Wash, 14 Clay Paky A.Leda B-eye K10, 20 Clay Paky Mythos, 12 Martin Atomic 3000 y 20 Showtech Sunstrip Active DMX were supplied. For its control a  Grand Ma2 Full Size and a Grand Ma2 Light were availed.

The P.A. system of the Matusalem stage was composed by 24 Das Audio Aero 50, 16 Lab Gruppen FP10000Q-SPK, 12 Das Audio UX-221A and 8 Das Audio UX-30A. The frontfill counted on 4 Das Audio Convert12, the downfill used 6 Das Audio Convert15, the outfill used 8 Das Audio Aero50, the sidefill used 4 Das Audio LX-218 and 4 Das Audio Convert15, and the drumfill used 2 Meyer Sound UPA-1P and 2 Meyer Sound USW-1P. The FOH control was carried out thanks to 2 Digico SD10. The monitors were 14 Das Audio Road12A and 2 Das Audio Dasnet, controlled by 2 Digico SD8. Its lighting was formed by 14 Vari*Lite VL3000 Spot, 10 Martin Mac2000 Wash and 8 Martin Atomic 3000, controlled by an Avolites 2048CH Pearl 2004.