On October 2, the capital hosted the Red Bull Autos Locos non-motorized car race. Titled Red Bull Autos Locos Grand Prix 2022, this jalopy race challenges the most daring behind the steering wheel, with the sole objective of making its participants and spectators have a great time. This year, more than 40,000 people packed the Paseo de Ruperto Chapí (Parque del Oeste de Moncloa in Madrid) to cheer and laugh out loud.

The 35th in the race jumping over a ramp

At one o’clock in the afternoon and under the radiant sun of Madrid, the 54 teams began the long-awaited race with a steep slope as soon as it started. The pilots covered a section more than 700 meters with a route full of jumps, obstacles and zigzags, in addition to highlighting that the artifacts were designed by the participants themselves. Even some celebrities joined the race, TheGrefg being one of the most acclaimed. At the end, the jury of the craziest event in the capital, made up of athletes of the calibre of Alberto Ginés, awarded the Red Bull Autos Locos gold medal to the Crazy Goat Garage team, who were crowned with victory after defying the laws of the gravity.

The first team starting the race

During this last event in particular, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the video, sound and lighting equipment in the various spaces, which included the course, the judges’ box, the stage, the foodtruck and the VIP area for the participants, thus ensuring an incredible atmosphere bathed in utmost fun in the heart of Madrid.

Among the most outstanding equipment were 3 LED screens of 5 x 3 meters, 2 Barco Folsom ImagePro II systems and a Barco S3-4K video system; more than 60 Meyer Sound monitors, more than 30 d&b equipment and an Avid Venue Profile control surface in sound; and to finish with lighting, we had the necessary robotic material for the proper production of the event, thus covering all the ups and downs from all points of the stunning race.

TheGrefg and the winner of the raffle performing their performance before the descent.