The heart of a bustling metropolis, the peak of a snowy mountain, an intimate nightlife or the deep sea are just some of the places where San Miguel invites you to experience its different varieties with ‘Sala Magna’; a space that takes the magic of the immersive experience in Madrid to savor beer hops in all its senses.

This new meeting point of San Miguel will remain open from September 26th to September 29th  and, among its many activities, the aforementioned absorbing experience stands out. It is a spectacular video mapping that transforms a tasting room in a window to a myriad of locations where attendees have the opportunity to taste the new brewery offers.

The space also has a program where gastronomy, music and entertainment star in the different sessions, such as meetings with influencers, live presentations by bands and DJs or improvisations.

Fluge Audiovisuales, as the national exclusive audiovisual provider of Mahou-San Miguel, supplies the sound, lighting, video and audiovisual technical staff of all the Sala Magna spaces.