On August 25th the choirs of Blauets de Lluc y Dagilèlis offered a concert at the Palau de Congressos de Palma in benefit of Projecte Home Balears. The format of this concert aimed to show the best music of both choirs, interpreting from the expression and the heart.

In a special and specific way for this show, the last two pieces sung between both choirs were based on very interesting texts about company, friendship, collaboration and help during difficult times.

The Escolania dels Blavets de Lluc was directed by Ricard Terrades and accompanied by the violins by Xavier Pericàs and Miquel Comas, the viola by Gabriel Espinosa, the cello by Rosa Canyellas and the piano by Rafel Riera. The Coral Dagilèlis was directed by Remigijus Adomaitis and accompanied by the concertist Daiva Šulcait.

Home Balears Project thanks Fluge Audiovisuales and the Palau de Congressos de Palma for their involvement as collaborating entities together with Melià Palma Bay, La Caixa Obra Social and others.