Our Business

Since its inception, our company has dedicated itself to supplying sound for live performances under the name Fluge. We quickly established ourselves as a leader in the sector and began to expand rapidly, always remaining at the forefront of both production procedures and technical equipment.

Insistence on excellence

Our clients’ and spectators’ insistence on excellence in sound has led to continuous improvement in the technical training of our staff and our operating systems, which optimise assembly time and protect equipment in difficult conditions on tour, allowing more time for adjustments and greater reliability in the operation of the systems.

Latest Technologies

Incorporation in communication systems between teams, signal distribution systems, power protection equipment and rigging elements, complying with all the safety regulations in force. As a result, we are able to offer our clients every guarantee of success in their production. To this, we can add the availability of multitrack digital recording systems that enable the production of CDs and TV and radio programmes in LIVE format.

To summarise,

FLUGE accounts for 80% of the world’s DIRECT SOUND necessary for the highest level of demand. Our company currently has greater coverage capacity for all kinds of shows than any other national company.

Proud of Our Clients

At FLUGE we are proud that the majority of national, and international, artists and producers have trusted us to put on their productions in Spain and the rest of the world.