Fluge Audiovisuales VI Open Days are just around the corner. Within this new edition, we will celebrate a special day that will address the main and most outstanding characteristics of the ‘metaverse’. To do this, we will have a space dedicated to event agencies called “Metaverse, a new paradigm for events”. Hand in hand with AEVEA and Fluge Audiovisuales, the special day will take place on Wednesday, November 23rd at our annual event Understanding Fluge, at the Fluge Audiovisuales facilities located in Arganda del Rey.

During the activities scheduled for the conference “Metaverse, a new paradigm for events”, David Mancebo, co-founder of Max Valley, will present the Fluge Audiovisuales Metaverse to all registered event agencies from 10:00 a.m., where It will be possible to virtually access visit and learn about its facilities, as well as fully follow the course of the conference.

Starting at 11:00 a.m., we will offer a round table entitled ‘Metaverse applied to the event’, with five exceptional speakers whose names are well known. Presented by Neil Solé, the five protagonists will be Carlos Lorenzo, president of AEVEA and CEO of Avant Events, Daniel Rocafort, CEO Visyon-Mediapro, Jordi Planas, Digital Creative Director at SOMOS Experiences, David Mancebo, co-founder of Max Valley, and Alberto Martín Fabián, Chief Revenue Office of GGTECH. After that, the VIP room will welcome the representatives of the event agencies invited by AEVEA to have an aperitif starting at 12:00. It´s an ideal space and environment for networking. You can’t miss this!

If you want to attend Understanding Fluge 2022, register by clicking here. #UnderstandingFluge2022


Neil Solé

Carlos Lorenzo
President of AEVEA and CEO of Avant Events

Daniel Rocafort
CEO at Visyon-Mediapro

Jordi Planas
Digital Creative Director at SOMOS Experiences

David Mancebo
Co-founder of Max Valley

Alberto Martín Fabián
Chief Revenue Office of GGTech