The TATA AIA awards took place on January 11th. The event, held at the Meliá Sarriá Hotel in Barcelona, ​​consisted of several sections and performances depending on the awarded departments.

The celebration exhibited numerous live performances in which they highlighted a balancing act called “Woman with Feather”, four dances of Indian influence and one flamenco. In addition, a DJ enveloped the environment until the end of the night.

Leisure Corp Pvt. Ltd. was the producer of the event was and thanks to their confidence, Fluge Barcelona provided the technical part in audio, video and lighting.

To carry out the production of the event, there was a 10×4 meter stage with a central LED screen of 8×3 meters. In terms of lighting, 4 Robe Pointe (Sharpy) were provided on stage, 2 Martin Mac Encore on truss totems for decoration and setting, 6 Martin Rush on truss totems for stage lighting, 14 wireless Smartbat Parled were used to decorate both the walls of the living room and the two photocalls located on the outside of the hall and 10 SmartbattenQ on stage to emphasize some coverts decorated with the client’s brand and also for the photocalls. For the sound equipment, there were 2 Nexo LS500 and 6 PS10 subwoofers, two of which were on stage, two on the subs and two on tripods as sidefills.