The Associated Spanish Events Agency (AEVEA) held the fourth edition of its annual event, AEVEA & Co, which addressed the news and future of the sector. It was held on June 27th at the Mutua de Madrid Auditorium and brought together leading professionals who shared their marketing and communication expertise under the “Events Lovers” slogan.

Presenter and journalist, Marta Jaumandreu, hosted the event. She gallantly gave way to the interventions of the different speakers and the spectacles of the meeting, such as a skating review or musical performances.

The various speakers valued the importance of events as a marketing strategy and the need to connect and excite the audience with them. In this perspective, the search for innovation as an engine of change through technology was highlighted.

As an example to this technological innovation, each visitor was gifted a Fluge Audiovisuales LED wristband that could be illuminated with different colors according to its location and in a coordination with what happens on the stage, producing striking lighting effects. These LED bracelets execute this effect thanks to a radiofrequency control system developed by Fluge I + D.

Fluge Audiovisuales provided the audiovisual equipment of the event thanks to AEVEA’s confidence; producer of the event.