Contemporary craftsmanship landed in Madrid with Artis-Manus, an exhibition that featured a series of daily life objects that transcend its own distinction thanks to its unique design. The exhibition, which was held in the El Instante Fundación space with the Japanese company Mazda and the Sociedad de Artesanía Contemporánea (SACo), was part of the prestigious Madrid Design Festival.

The exhibition took place between the past 9th and 23rd of February and, in addition to exhibiting different objects where crafts and day-to-day life merged, it featured the design of KODO, the most iconic creation of the Japanese car company. Thus, it was highlighted how craftsmanship is closely linked to Mazda, being one of the few brands that continue to use clay modeling in all its phases.

Thanks to the trust of El Instante Fundación and Mazda, Fluge Audiovisuales provided the sound, video and audiovisual technical personnel for the exhibition.