Last Thursday, October 7th, a new concert and electronic music hall was inaugurated in the heart of Madrid, The Bassement Club. The space dimensions are 1,000 m2, split into two zones. It has 4 bars and a sound quality at the height of its programming since the most exclusive sessions, the most anticipated concerts and the most unique corporate events will take place here.

The Bassement is a completely renovated new club in the center of Madrid (C / Galileo, 26) that will bring together musicians, artists and clubbers on its stage. The interior, specially designed by the interior designers Ainara Arnaiz and Beatriz G. Boullosa to provide a unique and enjoyable experience to the visitors. In addition, a first category d&b Audiotechnik sound system has been installed to delight each of the performances in a clear and powerful way. The sound design was prepared by Jorge Ruiz and Marcos Mejias (Fluge Audiovisuales) and the system adjustment was executed by Alberto Murillo (Fluge Audiovisuales). The integral installation management was done  by Alberto Lasso from Fluge Proyectos. In the same way, the video and stage lighting design, which was carried out by Enrique Jiménez (Fluge Audiovisuales), has been attentive to the smallest detail, being in its entirety an original and innovative project.

Thanks to The Bassement Club entrustment the sound, lighting and video equipment was to be supplied and installed by Fluge Audiovisuales. The objective of the room has been to create an urban club where the decoration and audiovisual systems coexist perfectly with live music and electronic sessions, being able to become a temple for the people of Madrid whose red and black colors are the hallmarks of their identity.

Below find the layout of the most outstanding audiovisual equipment supplied:


– 50 square meters of 40mm led screen.
– Resolume Arena


– 23 x Robe Spikie
– 14 x Atomic 3000
– 10 x LPG ParLed
– 6 x Showtec Sunstrip
– 3 Smoke Machines


– 6 x d&b Sub B4
– 6 x d&b Q1
– 2 x d&b Q7
– 4 x d&b E5
– 12 x d&b E6
– 6 x d&b E8
– 4 x d&b Stages D12
– 5 x d&b Stages D6
– 1 x Pionner 900 Nexus 2
– 3 x Pionner CDJ 2000 Nexus 2