Last Tuesday, November 17, the inauguration of the show “Naturaleza Encendida” took place at the Botanical Garden of Madrid, with more than a million LED lights and which can be visited until January 10, 2021.

The show was opened by the president of the Higher Council for Scientific Research, Rosa Menéndez López, who was the one who pressed the huge red button that turned on all the lights in the garden. The tour through the corridors of the Botanical Garden includes giant-size flower sculptures, a tunnel of lights and sounds that transport you to an incandescent forest, and projections between the branches and the animals that host the walls of the building are some of the proposals that are can be seen in the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid.

By appreciated entrustment of LETSGO, producer of the show, Fluge Audiovisuales is in charge of supplying the audiovisual equipment of the show, which has an unparalleled lighting display. In addition, the assembly has Eduardo Valverde as lighting designer and Victor Tomé as sound designer.

The equipment supplied includes more than 200 Par LEDs with IP65 protection, more than 100 IP color floodlights, more than 300 VDO IP65 from Martin, 30 Q7 IP65, 28 K20, 13 VL3500, 14 XBeam Prolight, 12 Robe Megapointe, 4 mirror balls, 3 12w Kvant lasers, 24 smoke machines (Robe, Viper, MDG); for lighting control 2 Command Wing tables and a GrandMA2 full size table. In the video equipment there were 6 projectors of 6,000 lumens with wide-angle optics and 2 projectors of 20,000 lumens; for 2 Wachout control with 4 outputs and three Qlabs. In addition, distributed throughout the space, a sound control was installed with 68 speakers and 8 passive subs strategically concealed in nature.