The DAZN sports platform officially arrived in Spain on February 27th. This new channel, which offers its services via streaming, establishes a model of tailored and on-demand transmissions with different sporting events, such as the Premier League, the basketball Euroleague and, especially, the MotoGP World Cup, as it is the only channel that will emit all the races in our country. The company offered a press conference to announce its premiere as well as a presentation party. Fluge Audiovisuales was the provider of the audiovisual equipment for both appointments in Madrid.

The press conference, which took place on February 27th at the Harley Ventas space, served as the starting signal for the DAZN broadcasts kickoff and for it’s directors to shed all the details about their disembarkation, which in addition to offer live meetings also has reports or documentaries on sports themes.

Also at the Harley Ventas space, the new channel’s presentation party was held on March 1st as a nighttime event. The space for the intervention of a DJ was prepared next to a video mapping display that accompanied the musical show. The exterior of the building was also illuminated to acclimate this call and a photocall was also available for the guests. Fluge Audiovisuales provided the sound and video equipment providing the projectors that launched the video mapping.

Fluge Audiovisuales was the audiovisual provider for these two events thanks to the trust of MKTG, producer of both.