In recent weeks, due to the impossibility of holding live events and congregations of people, the demand for spaces and professional technology for conducting online and hybrid events has grown exponentially.

Fluge Audiovisuales, thanks to its first-class facilities, has two perfect spaces for the execution of this type of event: Plató Louladi and Plató Azúl. 1,100 m² and 14.5 meters high and 800 m² and 9.5 meters high respectively, both sets are acoustically conditioned, with fiber rings and infrastructures to carry out the most complex productions. In addition, the Plató Azul has been equipped with various recording sets with the latest technology for professional broadcasts.

In addition to both spaces and the different sets, which can be independently customized, Fluge Audiovisuales offers a comprehensive service package and an online platform so that each professional event, whether live or delayed, acquires a higher level: control of accesses and private access, background virtualization, interactive voting, two-way communication, creation of visual content and infographics, 3D infographics, multi-venue, multi-screen events, gamification … and all on broadcast quality. In addition, there is a Chroma set as well as a team for developing interactivity systems, augmented reality, interface design and virtual stages.