Last Monday, December 4TH, the As Awards were held in the Crystal Gallery of the Madrid City Council.

This year, the awards, which were institutionalized a decade ago, were transformed into a tribute to great figures who have occupied the paper’s covers on the occasion of the newspaper’s Golden Weddings, such as Rafa Nadal, Mireia Belmonte and Sebastian Coe.

Planet Events, producer of the event, entrusted Fluge Audiovisuales the supply of the audiovisual equipment for the gala.

As far as video is concerned, it is worth mentioning a 5 x 2 meter LED screen on the Repsol stand, an HD production line consisting of two cameras, a central screen of 8×4’5 meters and two lateral screens of 2 x 4’5 meters.

For sound, among others, 8 d & b B-4, 2 d & b D-20, 2 d & b D-6 and 8 Meyer Sound UPJ-1P for the system of P.A .; 10 d & b E5 and 8 k & m 21450 for the frontfill; and a Yamaha QL1 for FOH control were provided. In addition, the FohhnFocus Modular’s variable directivity system provided extraordinary clarity and intelligibility sounds .

Regarding the lighting of the different rooms we must highlight the 10 Chroma-Q Color Force, 42 Martin Rush Parled, 18 Martin Stagebar 54L, 12 Vari * Lite VL3000, 6 Vari * Lite VL4000, 16 Robe Pointe 300W, 6 Robin BMFL Washbeam and 18 Clay Paky A. Leda B-Eye K10. All with structures of the Eurotruss brand.

Also worth mentioning is the supply of 2 d & b D-6 and 8 d & b E8 for the cocktail, as well as lighting equipment for the photocall.