Video games and motor sports fans had a vertiginous date on March 16th. The Motor & Sport Institute of Madrid (MSI) received the Esports ESL Racing Series Mapfre championship, where eight teams demonstrated their driving skills in the rFactor 2 simulator. In this final test there was a Spanish team, whose final classification was decided in this day.

The final was composed of three races to decide the podium. Virtual engines roared through three different circuits, corresponding to each race, and in each of them a particular type of vehicle was used. In the case of the last circuit, the contenders competed for the first place at the controls of Formula 1 cars.

This last race ended with the possibilities of the Spanish team, which had to settle for fifth place. Finally, the Slovenian Kevin Siggy Rebernak, who has vast experience in this virtual discipline, was victorious in the last race and pushed his team to triumph of the championship.

Fluge Audiovisuales supplied the lighting equipment thanks to the confidence of ESL Spain, producer of the event.