After a long season with many races the ESL Racing Series MAPFRE celebrated its Grand Final to decide the best virtual driver of its third edition. This virtual racing championship, which is organized by the ESL esports company, hosted the final at the Motor & Sport Institute of the Community of Madrid facing several opponents from previous phases.

The event took place on December 14th  and summoned, in addition to the players, a large audience with the team of commentators who narrated the different clashes that were broadcast online. The outcome of the final race left Salva Talens of the MSi eSports team as winner of this year, which accredits him as one of the best virtual participant in the country.

In addition to this competition, during the same day the final of the second edition Michelín Pilot was also held. The tournament, whose final celebrated a total of three races, certified Alejandro Sanchez as champion.

Thanks to the confidence of ESL Spain, producer of the championship, Fluge Audiovisuales provided the lighting equipment and audiovisual technical personnel of the event.