The World Lung Cancer Conference (IASLC) is the largest oncology event in the world that, year after year, brings together a multitude of doctors and health professionals to present new treatments, exchange ideas and create networks to combat this sickness. Its last edition took place in Barcelona between September 7th and 10th and summoned more than 7,000 people from all over the world to attend a multitude of meetings, exhibitions and specialized conferences.

The congress was held at the Fira de Barcelona with an extensive program that addressed the different aspects of the disease and the medical specialties that, directly and indirectly, treat it. During the four days of the meeting, medical professionals, such as oncologists, surgeons, researchers, or nurses, had the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and experiences in cancer treatment.

Fluge Barcelona, as a supplier of Fira Barcelona, provided the sound, lighting, video and audiovisual technical staff of the congress thanks to the trust of IASCL and ICS, its producers. In particular, audiovisual equipment was provided for the main room of the Fira and 13 of its rooms, in addition to 6 Committee Room and an Overflow Area. Regarding the sound equipment, d&b T10 speakers were provided, more than fifty light bulbs for the lighting area and 20,000 lumens projectors for the video section.