On July 21st, the grand final of the most important virtual racing competition in our country took place: the MAPFRE ESL Racing Series. It was the second edition, which after two months and six days of  championship, held its decisive meeting at the Gamepolis festival in Malaga, an important event for all video games and e-sports lovers.

The festival hosted the stage of this grand finale with a great audiovisual display so that all attendees enjoyed the different confrontations. The format of this test consisted of six teams that struggled to beat time records  in three different circuits.

The contest was tense until the last moments providing exciting moments to the attendees and the participants themselves, whose winners received a great awards in the form of a championship prize.

Thanks to the confidence of ESL Spain, producer of the event, Fluge Audiovisuales provided the sound, lighting, video equipment as well as the technical staff of the event.